Assignment Description For your course project, select a contemporary issue rela
Assignment Description For your course project, select a contemporary issue related to deviance for your research paper. Please follow the guidelines below as you prepare your paper for final submission. Your project should include the following sections, labeled clearly using the titles highlighted in bold: An Introduction section that describes your topic and its connection to the sociology of deviance. A History section that outlines the history of the deviant behavior involved, highlighting the historical and current relevance of the issue selected, and explaining how the social perception and treatment of the deviant behavior has changed over time. A Theory section that analyzes how at least two sociological theories discussed in the course would interpret and explain the deviant behavior selected. A Control and Punishment section that describes how the deviant behavior involved is currently punished or controlled and the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. A Policy section in which you discuss the policy changes—at the school, community, state, regional, or national level—you think are necessary to more fully address and prevent the deviance your paper focuses on. You should support your argument with data or information from your research. Cite statistical evidence (at least one source that includes statistical data) that supports the rationale for your recommendations. A Conclusion section that sums up your main points and discusses the implications of your research. Your reference list should contain at least six credible sources. Two of these sources can be your course readings, two must be books or articles obtained via the Capella University Library, and two can be credible Internet sources. Credible Internet sources include academic or government Web sites (.edu or .gov) or newspaper, news magazine, and general news sites, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time magazine, CNN, and PBS. Wikipedia,, and other general Web sites (.com or .org) should not be used. After you have met these requirements, feel free to add additional course readings or other credible sources to your reference list, as needed. Your task is to present, summarize, and analyze the research on your chosen topic. You should make frequent references to your sources, and use brief quotes, examples, definitions, or data from your sources to support your own points. Be sure to address the role of power or social status in the definition, reaction to, or control of the deviant behavior you have chosen. Submit your completed project as an assignment to be graded. Post a 1- to 2-paragraph summary of your project to the Unit 10 Project Sharing discussion.

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