Assignment 5: Programming Strategy Analysis Choose a market that Netflix is inv
Assignment 5: Programming Strategy Analysis Choose a market that Netflix is involved in other than the US. What is its strategy for that market? How does it understand and communicate cultural values local to that market? In this assignment you will provide a guide to Netflix’s available programming in this market, with blurbs explaining the show, the intended audience, the programming goal, and the potential for other markets. GRADING CRITERIA Assignments are evaluated by four grading criteria. An ideal assignment is: organized around crosscutting ideas, sufficiently detailed and well referenced, descriptive and depth oriented, and demonstrates meaningful critical analysis. Creativity and cleverness are nice (and can sometimes elevate assignments to higher grades) but they are not, strictly speaking, required. Assignments should be organized around crosscutting ideas. Effective assignments will synthesize a number of sources to argue in support of specific ideas. They are not, in other words, sequential summaries of sources, but arguments that make use of a number of sources (which may require some introduction and summarization) to demonstrate their points. Assignments should be sufficiently detailed and well referenced. Specific, referenced ideas are always preferable to general statements. It is not enough to say that a company is “big.” An assignment should detail information like revenue, number of units sold, number of employees, etc. etc.) by citing specific references, statistics, interviews, from specific years, perspectives, etc. In other words, not, “this company is big,” but “industry analysts reported 2017 sales totaling x billion dollars, making it the third largest mobile media firm in the world.” Assignments should be descriptive and depth oriented. These ideas should also be (reasonably) exhaustive in their presentation. Its fine to say a company is big (for these specific reasons, etc.), but that statement and reference does not, in itself, deep enough to explain the scope of a firm like Facebook (for example). We would want to know about the history of the firm, how global it is, what other companies it is involved with (Instagram), its competitors, etc. If you have a choice between breadth (covering a lot of distinct ideas) and depth (covering a smaller number of ideas with more detail), choose depth. Assignments should demonstrate meaningful critical analysis. Specifically, they should do this by drawing from evidence to support meaningful conclusions at small and large scales. Generally speaking, this requires asking “why” and “how” questions. It is not enough to say “Facebook is big,” for example, you should be able to draw on sources and other evidence to say why Facebook is big (and perhaps how it got that way).

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