Assignment #4: Break the norm As mentioned in the textbook, norms are prescripti
Assignment #4: Break the norm As mentioned in the textbook, norms are prescriptions for accepted or expected behaviors. Your assignment is to violate a social norm. There are five norms listed below that you may wish to use. Sing loudly on a public bus, subway, or train, or in a public area. Dance while having a conversation with an aquaintance. Stand on your chair in a restaurant and recite the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance. Continuously jump up and down while waiting in a check-out line at a grocery store. Get into an elevator that is crowded with strangers, and after the doors close, introduce yourself to the group. PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING: You may also violate any other norm you choose, as long as you don't risk harming yourself or others, and as long as your behavior doesn't reflect badly on the University or this class (note: if you're not sure whether or not a particular violation is appropriate, please consult with Professor Van Allen). For example, you should not do anything that breaks a law, disrupts a class or public event, involves sexual behavior or sexually explicit speech, hurts or threatens others, or includes taking or damaging other people's property -- such norm violations will result in a score of zero. Also, please don't violate any COVID guidelines/restrictions that may be in effect wherever you are. 1) Describe the situation and what is normally expected, and describe what you did that was not consistent with those expectations. In other words, describe what you did to break the norm. If your norm is one that people outside a particular group would be unfamiliar with (for example, you are a member of a sports team that has a certain pre-game ritual that you broke), you may have to go into some detail to set the stage so that people outside the group can comprehend how what you did constituted breaking a norm. 2) Describe other people's reactions to what you did. Do you think they behaved the same way they would have if you had not broken the norm? Or did they respond differently? Did they ignore you? Did they sanction you, and if so, how--verbally? Non-verbally? 3) Describe how you felt. Did you "chicken out?" at some point? Start laughing? Blush? Was it fun? Exhilarating? Mortifying? Did you feel like your behavior looked natural or staged and deliberate as you were breaking the norm? 4) Describe anything else of note that occurred. Is it possible that your perceptions of what other people were thinking were biased by the fact that you were embarrassed? Did anyone else follow your lead (i.e., did you set a NEW norm, by breaking an old one)? Be sure to answer all parts of the above items, and label each item (#1-#4). *This assignment is intended to be engaging and informative, but you can opt out of it if you prefer. You can still receive full credit by turning in a one-page report discussing the barriers that prevented you from carrying out the assignment. - Assignment Grading Rubric: Excellent (20 points) The submitted assignment fully addressed all questions, was in-depth, demonstrated understanding of content, and was well-written with few or no spelling/grammatical errors. Also, responses were labeled.

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