Assignment 2: Case Study The “Better-All-Clean” is a small window cleaning compa
Assignment 2: Case Study The “Better-All-Clean” is a small window cleaning company established in 2010 and currently employs ten employees in various positions, including drivers, cleaners, and office staff. Better-All-Clean is located in Ealing, but the company has been running losses since 2015 due to poor management, and last week, the company was given the ultimatum of 4 months to register for bankruptcy if things do not change. On Monday, the owner of the business called in a management consultancy company, and four problems were identified; Employees do not know what they are doing in the business Think about the meaning of management (use material covered in Week 3). There is a fundamental lack of skills required in this industry Think about what HR managers can do? (use material covered in Week 2) Think about the purpose of this business Use principles of management covered in Week 4, choose one core principle and justify you think that approach will be suitable for Better-All-Clean. The company is spending too much on marketing Act as a consultancy – investigate and solve the problem (see Week 8). You can also do a SWOT analysis, to find a problem (see Week 6) Explore the 4P’s of marketing mix (see Week 9) see these can adjust the overspending issue. Lack of clear business strategy Come up with a business strategy you think is suitable for Better-All-Clean, justify your argument (see Week 5). Today, you have been appointed as a new manager for Better-All-Clean. Your first task is to come up with management concepts principles, including business strategy, as soon as possible and present these to the owner of the business in January 2022. ***Note your presentation should be on PowerPoint Slides, not more than 10. You are required to identify at least three principles or theories that came be applied to this business. The business owner has requested to see your presentation slides on Blackboard before the meeting.

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