Assignment 2
This assignment is a continuation of assignment 1 that i will upload the file of it. consider the below 3 paragraph and use the research model picture that i uploaded separately ( do not use the picture that is available in assignment number 1 file) and then answer only to these questions What is your dependent variable, factor and factor levels? What type of factor is it? paragraph 1 If the arrow’s head is towards a box that means the variable in the box (where the arrow’s head is) affects the variable in the box from where the arrow originated. E.g. “Revenue/Sales” is affected by “Number of shoppers/customers”. paragraph 2 The boxes in grey are the variables you as a firm/owner can directly affect which can further affect other variables in the model. E.g. You can improve “customer service” through employee training programs, which can lead to an increase in “Customer satisfaction” which can increase the number of “Returning customers” and in turn increasing overall the “Number of shoppers” visiting the store and that can finally increase “Sales”. paragraph 3 There is a hierarchy of the variables such that we have started from the broadest ones and then went to finer one.

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