Assignment 1A: Skills Demonstration Skill demonstration through submitted record
Assignment 1A: Skills Demonstration Skill demonstration through submitted recorded sessions is an essential aspect of your counselor training. It provides an opportunity to observe yourself in a session and for your faculty supervisors to provide specific feedback relevant to your individualized needs as a developing counselor. This week, the first of two recorded sessions is due. This assignment has 2 parts (A and B), each with its own submission. For Part A, you will submit a recorded session and provide time-stamped comments in the video identifying specific counseling skills. To Prepare for Part A: you will need to Review the Annoto User Guide in the Learning Resources. This will walk you through the steps for uploading a video and adding time-stamped comments. (UPLOADED IN FILES) Review the Week 4 Skills Demonstration template. This template will indicate the type and number of comments you will need to provide with your recorded session. (PLEASE COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT ON THIS DOCUMENT I HAVE ALREADY PRE-FILLED THE TOP PORTION WITH MY NAME, CLIENT NAME, NUMBER OF SESSIONS, CLIENT AGE AND SEX ORIGIN, PLEASE CHECK FILES)(PLEASE DONT CHANGE PAGE FORMAT) NEXT Review Part B of the assignment. Assignment 1B: Case Conceptualization Your recorded session allowed you to analyze your counseling skills during a session. For this part of your assignment you will start the case conceptualization.. To Prepare for Part B: FYI PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE WEEK 4 PART 1 ON THE CASE CONCEPTUALIZATION FORM, PLEASE DONT CHANGE PAGE FORMAT Submit the completed Part B of the Case Conceptualization. Based upon your concentration area, you will complete the following sections: Presenting Problem Family Structure (CMHC & MCFC)/Family and Developmental Factors (SC) Multicultural Considerations Narrative Summary Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM)-5 Diagnosis (CMHC & MCFC)/Resources (SC)

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