Assignment 1: SWOT Analysis Identify a situation within the healthcare environ
Assignment 1: SWOT Analysis Identify a situation within the healthcare environment that impacts the delivery of safe, quality patient care. The identification of the situation provides a detailed introduction. Discuss the situation within a systems theory and explain the reason or reasons that you feel this issue presents a problem within the healthcare environment. Utilize at least 1 evidence-based reference to support the SWOT analysis. Discuss your role in this situation as a nurse and nurse leader. Remember that a SWOT analysis is subjective.  Describe the problem using your point of view. Complete the SWOT analysis on the situation using the provided template. Be thorough in completing the template.  Be sure to include and describe at least three (3) strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Additional Instructions: Below is a summary of the eight (8) sections to include in your assignment submission: Introduction: Situation Description- Provide a discussion of the situation using a systems framework approach and reasoning provided for the issue. Introduction: Role in Situation- Provide a discussion of your role in the situation as a nurse and nurse leader. Use 2-3 examples/key points to support your point of the view. Strengths- Identify at least three strengths. Weakness- Identify at least three weaknesses/limitations. Opportunities- Identify at least three opportunities. Threats- Identify at least three threats. Conclusion- Provides a detailed summary of the presented situation, role in the situation, and the SWOT analysis. Reference Page- Provide a reference page that correlates with the evidence-based reference(s) utilized to support the SWOT analysis.

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