As part of the final exam requirements for this course, you are expected to subm
As part of the final exam requirements for this course, you are expected to submit a written paper (approximately 2,000 words) on an architectural theme or question pertinent to course material presented (contemporary architectural theory since 1968). PaperBreakdown Your paper should adhere to the following structure: a. Title: showing your main focus b. Introduction Stating the main focus (the MAIN QUESTION) of the paper and how you will achieve it (your method). The introduction should generally tell your reader about what will be covered in your paper. c. Body Mention THREE points of argument that help to structure your paper. The three points can be case studies or even architectural elements, but they should include building examples. The three points represent “answers” to or perspectives on your main question. d. Conclusion What have you learned from this research? What have you explored or resolved? e. Bibliography Cite the references that you located in alphabetical order. References should be reliable journal articles, books, and academic publications. Citations should be in APA style. Please include at least 5 sources located through JSTOR. For online sources: Avoid citing blogs and wordpress sites with no clear authorship, relying mostly on academic websites (like university-sponsored sites, magazines, journals, etc) Submission Requirements A4 sheets (PDF format), portrait orientation with margins at default. Include your name, student ID#, date, course title, and assignment title at the top of the page. If your submission is more than one page, please make sure your name is on every page. -Text should be in double-spaced, 11-point font. -Please write in paragraph format. Avoid bullet points. Number your pages. -Do NOT copy-paste text from print or online sources. This is considered PLAGIARISM and academic dishonesty that will be penalized immediately. Use “quotation marks” when quoting definitions from dictionaries and cite the references. -Do not use color, underlining, emoticons, or other decorative elements. If images are submitted, please refer to them in the text and caption them. -Do NOT write in first person (e.g.,“I” or “me” except in authors’ quotations). -Remember to properly cite your references in APA format. ( ) I would like my paper to focus on: Introduction the idea of Sustainability in Architecture through environmentally friendly buildings and how Sustainability in Architecture should be implemented in future architectural designs and innovations. in addition how Sustainability in architecture will shape the future of architecture. MAIN ARGUMENT/ TOPIC the main idea I'm trying to focus on in my paper is the difference and similarities between sustainability in architecture around the world VS sustainability in architecture around specifically the Middle East and how specific natural environmental factors affect these different sustainability strategies. My professor is focusing a lot on if the paper is plagiarized in any way. so please be careful! Also, it would be very helpful to include a lot of examples for a better understanding and a more interesting paper. Please help me my grade depends on this paper.

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