Article review: please see the instructions below (They are also attached). T
Article review: please see the instructions below (They are also attached). This article review is for a graduate-level statistics course. I have included the article that I want to be reviewed. Please follow the directions below and answer questions with the use of statistical language and framework in mind. Article Review: Article Title, Your name, PSYC 4300: Psychology Statistics, Date 2. Introduction What is the topic of the paper and why is this topic important? 3. Purpose and Hypothesis What is the purpose of the research described in the article? What are the authors trying to find out? What is their research hypothesis? 4. Methods What research methods do the authors use in their research? Briefly describe the research. 5. Results Summarize what the authors discovered in their research. What were the results? Focus on the statistical analyses the authors used. What tests did they use? How did they present their data? 6. Discussion and Conclusions Discuss what these findings mean. What do the authors conclude about their results? 7. Impression/Opinion & Statistical Analysis What do you think about this article personally? What did you learn by reading this article? Evaluate the statistical approach the authors used. Was it appropriate and why or why not? 8. Reference Page (this is titled References) Author(s) of article. (Publication Year). Title of article. Journal Name, volume #(issue #), from page # to page #. doi: # or AN: Accession #. This article review should be written in your OWN WORDS--do not cut and paste sections from the article! Doing so is plagiarism and will result in a failing grade. If you would like to use a direct quote from the article, be sure to use quotation marks and the correct citation. Each article review should be at least 4 pages in length in addition to the title page and reference page, typed, and double-spaced. Must include a title page, reference page, and at least 4 pages of text, 1-inch margins all around.

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