Article Review 2 HSV-201 Loss, Trauma, and Resilience The purpose of the Article
Article Review 2 HSV-201 Loss, Trauma, and Resilience The purpose of the Article Review 2 assignment is to select another peer-reviewed article from an academic journal, review the article, and share information about the article with classmates. The Article Review 2 may be over a topic similar to that of your Article Review 1 or of another loss/trauma/resilience related topic. If you are not sure that your topic relates to the course, please ask me.Using the Kirkwood Community College Library’s Journal Search, locate peer-reviewed articles within 10 years of publication. The Kirkwood librarians are very helpful. You can chat with a librarian, call to speak with a librarian, or visit the library for assistance.Once you have selected your article, read the article. Next, write a 2-3 page review of the article, answering the following questions:What interested you about this article/topic?Summarize the main research question and how the research was conducted (survey, interviews, review of data, etc.). If you article is a summary of other research, explain the intent of the authors and their main research objective.Critique/analyze the article, considering how the article addresses the research topic, what was included or missed, what conclusions do the authors make? Include your opinion of the article and any questions you have for the authors.Proofread your writing for correct writing mechanics and form. Upload a copy of the article and the article review to the Article Review 2 drop box.

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