Chapter 3 was all about what makes up an actual piece of art, from paint to wood. For this assignment, I want you to make a piece of art from unconventional materials. This can be coffee used as water color, coffee grinds, trash, office supplies-literally anything! Your subject matter can be anything as well. A landscape, still life or self portrait, for example. Compositions do not have to be overly complicated or detailed. Take a look at this Buzzfeed article for inspiration! Here is another article to give you some ideas too. The actual product you will turn in will consist of three pictures: 1) the raw materials 2) one photo of your process (a during photo) 3) the final product. Answer the following questions in a brief written portion: -What materials did you choose and why? -What is your composition of? Why did you choose this subject matter? -How did you feel when creating your work of art? Did you encounter any challenges you weren't expecting? Was it easier than you thought? You may choose to turn this in as either a word document or a presentation. I don't care which one, as long as I can get it to work on my computer. Google has free products that will serve for both of these types of situations-log into your Gmail account and hit the Google apps button in the upper right-hand side. (it looks like a bunch of dots) Then select Google Drive-then hit 'new' then choose a Google doc or Google slides.

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