ARCS Model of Motivation Presentation Plan
For this assignment, you will present a topic based on your field of study. Your intended audience can be your students, fellow coworkers, your employer, or clients. One of the biggest challenges you will encounter is grabbing their attention and keeping them engaged. After reading the resources on the ARCS Model of Motivation you should have an understanding of what it is and how it can be implemented in various aspects to motivate others to learn. The ARCS Model of Motivation provides you with motivational strategies. Begin by writing your presentation plan on a topic from your content area/field of study in which you address each component of the ARCS model (Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction). This can be a simple outline of your presentation in which you reference each component and give an example of an activity you can use with each component of ARCS. Your presentation plan is not limited in what you can include but ensure you include the following: Topic of Presentation For future educators: Your subject area, grade level, number of students For varied disciplines: Your content area, the age range of audience, number of audience members, The four components of the ARCS model of motivation and an explanation of the activities you will use for each and why. A few questions to keep in mind in regards to the ARCS presentation plan (These are only a guide, refer to the readings for more ideas) : Attention - What activities will you use to grab the audience's attention based on the topic? Relevance - How is this information relevant to their future? Confidence - How can you help learners estimate their probability of success on this topic? Satisfaction - What activities will you incorporate to provide feedback and reinforcement?

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