3/22/22, 10:41 PM Applied Research in Psychology Scoring Guide 1/1

Applied Research in Psychology Scoring Guide

Due Date: End of Week 7Percentage of Course Grade: 20%.


Summarize theidentified problem ina selected scenario.20%

Does not list theidentified problem ina selected scenario.

Lists but does notsummarize theidentified problem in aselected scenario.

Summarizes theidentified problemin a selectedscenario.

Summarizes the identifiedproblem in a selectedscenario and connects theproblem to the research.

Apply findings fromscholarly research toa problem.20%

Does not applyfindings fromscholarly research toa problem.

Describes a problem,but the connection toresearch findings iseither inadequate orunclear.

Applies findingsfrom scholarlyresearch to aproblem.

Applies findings fromscholarly research to aproblem; providesexamples of how thefindings form the basis ofthe solution.

Apply theory to aproblem.20%

Does not identify atheory.

Identifies a theory, butdoes not apply theoryto a problem.

Applies theory to aproblem.

Applies theory to aproblem, providing clearexamples of solutions tohelp solve the problem.

Explain how a real-world problem couldimpact mental healthand well-being.20%

Does not describe areal-world problem.

Describes a real-worldproblem, but does notexplain how thesolution impactsmental health and well-being.

Explains how areal-world problemcould impactmental health andwell-being.

Explains how a real-worldproblem could impactmental health andillustrates with examples.

Communicate clearlywith appropriatepurpose,organization, tone,and sentencestructure.10%

Does notcommunicate clearlywith appropriatepurpose,organization, tone,and sentencestructure.

Communicates butwriting is unclear as aresult of poor purpose,organization, tone, orsentence structure.

Communicatesclearly withappropriatepurpose,organization, tone,and sentencestructure.

Communicates clearly withexemplary purpose,organization, tone, andsentence structure.

Cite the source,using author andyear.5%

Does not cite thesource.

Cites the source but ismissing either theauthor or the year.

Cites the sourceusing author andyear.

Cites the source usingauthor and year andincludes correctpunctuation for APA stylecitations, with few errors.

Provide referencesthat include author,year, and title.5%

Does not providereferences.

Provides references,but is missing author,year, or title.

Provide referencesthat include author,year, and title.

Provides references thatinclude author, year, andtitle, and are formatted inAPA style with few errors.

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