Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity (chapter 10). students will engage in a form
Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity (chapter 10). students will engage in a form of self-reflection and assessment on the anthropological concepts and topics they learn in the course. Reflective writing will give each student the opportunity to think about what they are learning, how they have learned it, and discover how the course is helping them with their real-world and/or academic tasks. In doing so, students will be expected to: Gather, interpret, and assess information from a variety of sources and points of view. Evaluate evidence and arguments critically or analytically. Identify and apply the fundamental concepts and methods of the discipline. Reflection Essay Rubric Identification of the subfield is clear, concise and introduced at the beginning of the essay. (5 points) Summary of the readings are provided no more than 1 paragraph, demonstrating clear understanding of the topics and concepts involved in the subfield (20 points) New insights gained from the subfield, or specific specialization from the subfield, is clearly stated. (20 points) The student had successfully applied the subfield or specialties from the subfield to their work, personal life, experiences, etc. (20 points) The student is able to reflect on the knowledge gained from the readings, demonstrate their understanding clearly and concisely. (20 points) Spelling Grammar 1 pages APA Format: Double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, in a doc format. In-text citations are evident Reference page included (15 points) Instructor Comment/Feedback:

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