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Transformational Leadership Style

A good leadership style plays an important role in nursing and the retention of nurses because it helps in shaping the healthcare practice environment to produce quality outcomes for staff nurses and patients. The type of leadership that one chooses to use in a leadership role or position determines the outcome and accomplishment of the mission set before an organization. The leadership style that I prefer and that is productive is transformational leadership. Adopting the qualities of a transformational leader will allow nurse managers to feel more comfortable and confident when engaging in the development of healthcare policies, the ever-changing components of healthcare technology, and the mentorship of new graduate nurses” (Smith, 2011). 

Transformational leadership style has been identified as the most effective approach to building up a business organization. Leaders that use the transformational style of leadership showcase integrity, high emotional intelligence, and they motivate people with a shared vision of the future and communicate well to their team or organization. As a nurse, I prefer this leadership style because it embraces self-awareness, authenticity, and humility which is among the list of styles that is missing in today’s management. A nurse leader who uses a transformational leadership style will promote a healthy atmosphere for her nurses to work in and promote job satisfaction for everyone. A good nurse leader brings out the best in their nurses by promoting a good leader for their nurse to climb on career-wise and promote a thriving environment for everyone in the team. Transformational leaders create a safe and soft influence and provide a high job satisfaction by supporting followers’act of making individual choices (Long et; al 2014)

 In nursing today, we find more autocratic leadership that doesn’t care about anyone else but themselves and what they stand to achieve. Such leaders don’t last very long in an organization, and this is the leadership style that I have seen, and it doesn’t work.  According to Smith, Transformational leadership qualities promote a healthy environment for employees and staff, which will produce improved staff satisfaction, retention, and patient satisfaction (Smith, 2011). I have been opportune to work with good nurse leaders and a few of them I have admired and am still in close contact with them.  I worked with a good manager as a delegating nurse, and she showed me what a good leader is supposed to be. She was someone that I admired so much because she was a team leader, she has positive energy, easy to talk to, and is very humble. Her attributes made me see a leadership position as an asset instead of deplorable. She made the atmosphere very conducive and welcoming for everyone who worked on her team even as a new hire.




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