Answer these quesions: Do you remember when you first learned about death? Was
Answer these quesions: Do you remember when you first learned about death? Was it due to the death of a relative? A pet? How did you first understand death? Was it related to you or your family's religious affiliation? File uploaded to fill out Two responses to other students are required. High quality responses go beyond a statement. Furthermore, posts and replies use college-level written communication. Be mindful of writing in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation. Post 1: I think the first time that I learned of death was through the loss of my dog, Princess. I didn't see her die, but my parents had told me later that day that she was at the dog hospital and then passed away. I remember my mom crying and my dad not showing much emotion toward it. I think I was around 7 years old, so I didn't understand the idea of death completely but I was really saddened that she wouldn't be coming home to us anymore. We cremated her and I think she still lives on my moms dresser years later. We didn't have much religious affiliated so her death was taken pretty much straight forward. Post 2: I do not remember the first time I learned about death. But I do remember going to a baseball game at night with my mom, dad, and sister when I was 8 and started crying to my mom because I was scared about death. I think it hit me because I was having such a fun time that I started to realize that it will end at some point and then I started thinking about death. I think I first understood death when I was in church and they talked about the death of Jesus. I really did not think much of it as I was so young and this person Jesus I had never seen so I had no emotional attachment.

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