Answer the questions below: Item 1: Which topic did you select? Item 2: Why does
Answer the questions below: Item 1: Which topic did you select? Item 2: Why does this topic appeal to you? NOTE 1: Section 1 should be the shortest section of your paper (10-15%). SECTION 2: SUMMARIZE THE TOPIC YOU SELECTED USING CLASS RESOURCES Discuss your topic as presented in class. This is a summary of all the resources used in class relating to the topic including online discussions. Item 1: Summarize the information on the topic as presented in the class, using the Read & Watch resources AND any classroom discussion (online or f2f) of the topic. Item 2: Is the topic you selected relevant in a course on digital and social media? Whether you answer yes or no, justify your answer. Section 2 Sources: Include the source(s) as an in-paper citation and on your References page. NOTE 2: Section 2 should comprise (30-40%) of your paper. SECTION 3: CONDUCT ADDITIONAL RESEARCH ON THE TOPIC Provide additional information on the topic you selected by locating ONE new resource (in addition to the resources provided in class) to expand your knowledge of the topic. Item 1: What additional source did you find on the topic you selected? Item 2: Why is the source you found (a) relevant, (b) credible, (c) accurate, and (d) unbiased based on what you learned from UMGC's Guide to Evaluating Research Sources? Address a-d in your answer. Item 3: What new information did the source contribute to the topic as presented in class? Section 3 Source: Include at least ONE SOURCE related to your topic that has NOT presented, discussed, or posted in the weekly Read & Watch in class or posted in the 15 topic list above. Include this source as in-paper citation and include it on your References page. NOTE 3: Section 3 should comprise the majority of your paper (45-60%). This is where your primary focus should be. The topic that I choose was digital media and its effects on the brain. Digital Media's Effects on the Brain (Week 1) Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier - Chapter 2: What's It Doing to Their Brains? PBS Online Video Documentary Series – Chapter 2 (08:29 - 10:40 minutes)

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