Answer the following questions, using your textbook and at least 1 additional cr
Answer the following questions, using your textbook and at least 1 additional credible resource you choose: 1. What is stress? What kind of health problems can stress cause? What research finding about the effects of stress was most surprising to you? 2. In the video listed below, Evelyn releases stress through aggression and appears to experience a catharsis, or emotional release. Although the video is fictional and meant to be humorous, it has often been suggested that releasing aggression, relieves aggression (termed the catharsis hypothesis). However, not all researchers agree with this idea today. Which side do you agree with and why? 3. What is the difference between problem-focused and emotion-focused coping? Apply an example of how Evelyn could utilize these coping strategies in a more adaptive way to reduce stress. 4. Describe tools for reducing stress as described in the textbook. What is your favorite stress management strategy? 5. Discuss cultural differences in the ways people respond to and manage stress. Integrate at least 3 PARAPHRASED terms, concepts, or facts from the TEXTBOOK in original post. References: Licht, D., Hull, M., & Ballantyne, C. (2019). Presenting psychology (2nd ed.). Worth Publishers. Movieclips. (2011, Jun 16). Fried green tomatoes- Parking lot rage. [Video]. YouTube. Note: Include APA style citations & reference for at least 1 additional resource you reviewed and discussed as well.

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