Answer ONE question from Part A. Part B is compulsory.Part APart A accounts for
Answer ONE question from Part A. Part B is compulsory.Part APart A accounts for 60% of the module marks and must not exceed 2000 words. Answer one question from this section.1. ‘The Contest strategy involves a number of measures to counter terrorism in the UK, such as ‘pursue’, which includes the enactment of specific terror offences. But other aims of the Contest strategy, such as ‘Prevent’, aim to divert individuals from radicalisation and extremism.’Consider the terror threats to the UK over the last 10 years and assess whether the prevent strategy has been a success in meeting these security challenges.2. In R v F [2007] EWCA Crim 243 the judge said (at paragraph 27): ‘What is striking about the language of section 1 [of the Terrorism Act 2000], read as a whole, is its breadth.’Do you agree with the judge that the definition of terrorism in the UK is too wide? Give reasons for your answer.Part BPart B accounts for 40% of the module marks and must not exceed 1000 words.Grace is opposed to experiments on animals and protests outside laboratories where animal experiments are performed. On one occasion, late at night and dressed in black, Grace is outside an animal laboratory taking photographs of those entering and leaving the building. The police are called, and Grace is advised that she is being stopped and searched under the Terrorism Act 2000. When Grace begins to resist, a male officer informs her that if she refuses to comply, she will be arrested.The length of the stop and search is about 20 minutes. In Grace’s bag, the officer finds a detailed internal plan of the laboratory and Grace’s car keys. Another officer is sent off to locate and search Grace’s car where he finds a list of staff who work at the laboratory. The first officer cautions Grace that she is being arrested on the grounds that there is a reasonable suspicion that she is involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.At the police station Grace is given very little information by the police about her arrest and detention. Grace is questioned for seven days before she is released without charge.Advise Grace in reference to the following:• the legality of the stop and search• the legality of her arrest• her rights as a detainee and the length of her detentionDo not discuss s.1 of the Terrorism Act 2000.OSCOLA REFERENCING 3000 WORDS 12PC FONT

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