Annotated Bibliography – Assignment Sheet & Rubric Objectives: To learn to diffe
Annotated Bibliography - Assignment Sheet & Rubric Objectives: To learn to differentiate types of sources and which is most appropriate for academic writing in the science and technical fields To learn to comprehend sources in such a way that you can summarize the content, offer an evaluation of them, and plan ahead for how you will use them What is an annotated bibliography? A bibliography is a list of sources used in a written text, like an essay or report. An annotated bibliography is a list of sources that offers additional information about those sources; it should explain each source so that an audience unfamiliar with the source can understand the source’s general content, its drawbacks and what it does well, and how you will use it in your paper. In this case, your Annotated Bibliography will contain the sources that you plan to use in your Research Paper later. These sources must be scholarly and reliable: peer-reviewed journal articles, books, or websites ending in .gov or .edu. Any sources not within these parameters, you must ask me to approve before turning in your annotated bib, or else you forfeit credit for that annotation. The Annotated Bibliography and Research Paper assignments go hand in hand. Your Annotated Bibliography acts as a supplement, like an index or a glossary, for your Research Paper. After you turn in your Annotated Bibliography, you may not change the topic for your Research Paper. What goes into each annotation? Each source has its own annotation, and each annotation should be 250-400 words and contain four parts: The MLA citation for that source A summary paragraph, in which you summarize the source’s main argument A evaluation paragraph, in which you evaluate the drawbacks of the source or what it does well; you may also comment on how it relates to other sources or its field of study at large A paragraph in which you explain the source’s connection to your Research Paper: how you plan to use this source in your paper (ie: for background information, support for your argument, a counterargument you will address, etc.) Requirements: 1000-1600 words total (250-400 words per annotation) MLA format (no title page required for this assignment) No first- or second-person perspective, contractions, slang, or exclamation points; First-person is allowed in the third paragraph of each annotation Annotated Bibliography Rubric Note that for each annotation, the paragraphs (summary, critique, and connection to argumentative research paper) are being graded on their quality, clarity, and content, not just for their existence. (For example, if you technically have a summary paragraph, but it is vague, nonspecific, and insubstantial, you will not receive points for it.) First-person is allowed only in the last paragraph of each annotation.

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