Analyze a relevant event from the past. How far back is “the past”? We’ll be ge
Analyze a relevant event from the past. How far back is “the past”? We’ll be generous and say that anything that happened until the start of the semester is the past. Just don’t tackle any event that is currently ongoing, but you can write on a ‘controversy’ that still is happening, using historical examples. You’ll use two ethical philosophies to analyze the event that you have chosen. One of the philosophies should come from the three main branches of ethics we have worked on in class. (virtue, deontological, utilitarianism). Your second philosophy can be any ethical perspective from the Ethics 101 textbook, other than virtue, deontology, or utilitarianism. · Your paper will have three parts, each labeled with a heading: o Historical synopsis: a tight, efficiently written description of the moment, event, or controversy you are analyzing. It should include all of the relevant information a reader would need to understand your ethical analysis that follows. o Ethical analysis: using your two chosen philosophies, discuss and analyze the ethical dimensions of your chosen event. Your two philosophies need not “agree” with each other, they may take opposing points. Depending on your chosen topic, this analysis may take a variety of directions, but ultimately you must make sure to explore the issues of right vs. wrong that were present in your topic, using the ethical philosophies as a lens for interpretation. o Analytic conclusion: based on your first two sections, your conclusion allows you to insert your educated opinion into the discussion, to wrap up the paper in a creative and meaningful way. You must answer the question of ” why does this matter?” by contextualizing your analysis in terms of a “bigger picture” principle or ideal (justice, fairness, education, entertainment, etc.). Beyond that, you have the room to say whatever you’d like about your topic, provided you do so in a thoughtful way that flows logically from the first two sections.

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