An interesting innovation initiative that was started by the United Nations (UN)
An interesting innovation initiative that was started by the United Nations (UN) that I found was under the section of Food and Agriculture. This initiative was the FAO's 1,000 Digital Villages initiative. With this new initiative being introduced, it will allow for rural areas to be turned into digital hubs from e-commerce. This digital village initiative will help to involved rural farmers into the equation, diversify incomes, and bring more rural areas into the digital economy (UN, 2021). Having rural people involved in this e-commerce is very important for the areas, as well as the people in the area. It helps to make people feel more involved and allows for them to play a role in the digital hubs. The initiative does encourage innovation because it allows for farmers and other locals to be involved in the digital economy. It gives them the option to be involved, and allows them to get their foot in the door as well. E-commerce is very important to the areas that it reaches and helps to reach a lot more customers than traditional retail does as well (What, 2021). Being that suppliers will be able to reach a lot more customers, rural areas may be influenced more to be involved in this initiative. It will help to increase the number of suppliers, provide more options, and allow for more customer traffic as well. I do believe that this initiative will be successful based on their democratic and social institutions because it is based around a digital economy. Considering recent health conflicts like the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital economy has been of major importance in the world we live in today. The 1,000 Digital Villages initiative is set up perfect for this, and is likely to be successful due to being functioned around digital e-commerce. This will avoid conflict with the pandemic, allow for rural farmers to get their product out there, and allow for customers to get what they want. References: UN Innovation Network. (2021). Retrieved November 1, 2021, from What is e-commerce? definition, types and importance. Indeed Career Guide. (2021, January 23). Retrieved November 1, 2021, from

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