An APA Style Proposal on your Original Research Topic The Key Components: Litera
An APA Style Proposal on your Original Research Topic The Key Components: Literature Review, Hypothesis, and References The purpose of this paper assignment is to develop an original, testable research question and hypothesis (supported by a thorough literature review) pertaining to the topic of your choice. You will write a full APA-style Introduction Section that ultimately defines and justifies your proposed study and hypothesis, using a strong literature review. Your proposal should introduce your topic and illustrate why it is important and how it fills a gap. Keep your hypothesis focused, simple, and testable. This assignment cannot be completed without performing a thorough literature review. After performing this review, you will choose at least 5 systematic sources from the APA Databases PsycINFO and PsycArticles that have most closely explored research related to your hypothesis. You will write a full APA-style proposal in line with APA standards using these sources, with an attached Reference section. More Specific Paper Guidelines Pertaining to Key Components: The proposal should follow the inverted triangle approach and tell a story; it starts broad and gets narrow, leading ultimately to your original hypothesis. Make sure your hypothesis is clear and logical given the literature presented. Start with a general introduction to the overall theory and cite additional research regarding the topic of interest. The beginning of the intro is broad, introducing issues being studied from a historical and conceptual point of view. The focus is then narrowed as you address the relationship between previous studies and present research. As the end of the introduction approaches, the focus narrows further still to the specific hypotheses being tested and the general methods used to test them. The last section of the paper presents your study research question and hypothesis, and how your study will fill a gap in the literature you reviewed on the topic. You must cite at least 5 peer-reviewed sources in this paper. Additionally, you need to include a Reference section with this paper that follows strict APA format. Paper is 3-7 pages. The Reference Section: The References Section documents all works cited. Ensure that all sources cited in your paper are listed here, and vice versa. The References Section follows strict APA format, please refer to the APA Publication Manual Tutorial and PsycINFO to ensure that you are documenting each specific source appropriately. Again, you should have at least 5 sources in this section. APA Format and writing style Avoid direct quotations. Try rewording as a writing exercise. The paper needs to be written in APA format (including double –spacing and margins) Type your assignment Font: anything easy to read (e.g., Times, Times New Roman, Courier, Geneva), size 12 Spelling errors, grammatical errors, and the use of informal language or colloquial expressions (e.g., “These things don’t make sense”) will negatively affect your grade. Papers that contain style or grammatical errors that make the reading problematic, troublesome will be returned. It must include an APA style title page, running head, headings throughout and a reference list For APA style tips, visit: above is the guidelines for the essay. it needs 5 PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES. i have found four in total that you can use i will upload them in files. My sources are based on my proposal question which is the following: If long term ABA therapy for children with autism can worsen students over time or help them become independent?

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