An Analysis of My Educational Journey
dentify one of the following periods in your academic journey that you would like to reflect on and discuss using a sociology of education perspective: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Community College, or University Level. State why you selected this period. Describe the context of the school, college, or university. In addition to a sociology of education perspective, you can also include a perspective from psychology, ethnic studies, or another appropriate social science. Select two theories or concepts (or one theory and concept) from sociology, psychology, or education (or another related area) to analyze your academic journey. Discuss the main points of the theories or concepts and note why you feel they are relevant to your experience. Clearly state the theories or concepts you decide to use up front in your paper. Note the name of the recognized researcher/scholar who advanced the theories or concepts. Use the theories or concepts presented in this course—from the readings, reports, the professor’s lecture notes, etc. You can use applicable concepts and theories you’ve learned in other courses or from your own research. In telling your educational story, use the theories or concepts to highlight the factors that promoted or hindered your development personally, socially, and academically. Address all three areas. You can talk about the promotion aspects and hindrances (or either one). Specifically, discuss: the influential people (parents, siblings, peers, teachers, role models, etc.); impactful programs (course curriculums, other academic enrichment, sports, community service, faith-based endeavors, ethnic cultural activities, etc.); memorable places (classrooms, labs, libraries, recreation fields, home environments, community spaces, etc.); and significant psychosocial dynamics (mindsets, feelings, and behaviors resulting from the interrelation of mental states, emotional well-being, social factors, etc.).

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