– An academic essay of 3000 words exploring the themes of the Computational Ethi
- An academic essay of 3000 words exploring the themes of the Computational Ethics seminar. -compose an essay with a focus on a specific AI artwork/project with ethical implications or a specific AI Ethics problem. Before starting to write you will be guided to choose the focus of your essay. My Focus: - The focus of my essay will surround the effects of AI on human behavior. I’ve also reached a decision to talk about the effects on behavior in the context and fields of professional, social, and personal lives of people. Each body paragraph (3 in total not including intro and conclusion) should talk about a different environment. * Introduction * Body 1: Human Behavior within professional environments in the context of AI * Body 2: Human Behavior within social environments in the context of AI * Body 3: Human behavior within personal environments in the context of AI * Conclusion In the additional materials, I have attached the sources that I think fit with each body paragraph, and instructions on how exactly to use these sources (which pages/topics etc). The main focus of this essay is the ethical implications in the context of the topic: human behavior. Feel free to add sources other than the ones I provided, but please also use the ones I provided as I've gotten approval on them. I've been instructed not to use the words "positive" and "negative", and to focus on ethical aspects that leave open questions”. The essay should be based on problematics, but it won’t judge or blatantly decide on the answer. So, I'd like each body paragraph to have the following structure: "This is about human behavior within ---- environment. people say its good because --(good)--- (source), however ethical implications and sources show that its bad because ---(bad)-- (source)." I'd like a very small fraction (sentence or two) of the body paragraph to feature a good effect, then the rest of the body paragraph to be about ethical implications and "negative" effects. I've laid out the whole essay in the "Planning and Research" PDF, and I've attached the assignment details provided to me by my lecturer.

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