ALL 3 Research Papers with the sources needed are added as files in order to com
ALL 3 Research Papers with the sources needed are added as files in order to complete this assignment. Please follow instructions carefully, thank you. Check the checklist added as a file as well before submitting, please. There is also a sample you can follow added as a file: this is ONLY a model do not use those sources. The approved research question is in the added research papers, which you will be using as the title. Criteria: Citations = 24 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Annotation summaries of content = 24 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Annotation evaluations of quality and credibility = 24 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Annotations reflections of usefulness = 24 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Document format = 4 pts Total Points: 100 Assignment Overview For this assignment, you are compiling all of your citations and annotations you found from your previous assignments into one document, which is called an "Annotated Bibliography". Important: Your Annotated Bibliography will need to include the following five sources that you found for your 3 previous research assignments: the background information source you found the ebook you found the full-text periodical article you found the audio/visual source you found the web source you found To reiterate: Use the same sources you submitted for your Research Plan and Background Research assignment, your In-Depth Research #1, and In-Depth Research #2 assignments, unless I asked you to find different sources (your source was not approved originally). It is necessary that you make the corrections and edits to your citations and/or annotations that I outlined in my feedback to your assignments - you WILL receive point deductions if you have not made corrections and edits to your citations and annotations. If you're having trouble formatting the hanging indents (which are required - and I'll be checking for them!) Feedback for In-Depth Research #1. Please make the corrections asked for: Good work! Two strong sources, very thorough annotations, and the citations are good, with just a few corrections. For the book citation: this is a print book, so the citation does not need to include a URL. The citation just needs: author, title, publisher, and date: Butt, Tony., et al. Surf Science : an Introduction to Waves for Surfing. University of Hawaii Press, 2004. The image citation is good, but remove (Published 2008) from the title, and only list The New York Times (remove - Breaking News, US News, World News and Videos). Feedback for In-Depth Research #2. Please make the corrections asked for: Great work, and interesting sources. The annotations are good, and provide explanation as to why these sources are useful to your research. The citations are good, but each are missing the doi, or, alternatively, the URL to the online article. DOIs are usually listed with the other article information (author, journal, volume, issue, date). You also need to format the volume, issue, date, page information this way: vol. #, no. #, date, p. ## As an example, here is the information formatted correctly from your Fox article: vol. 18, no. 11, 2021, p. 5819. Here are the URLs for each article, so you can either list the URL in the citation, or find the DOI on the article page, and list that. Burtscher article: Fox article: Why include the URL or DOI? Either make it easy for the reader of your paper to find the article online, if they are interested in looking through any of your references. Instructions Your Annotated Bibliography should be double-spaced, formatted with hanging indents, and include the following elements: Name, Course Information, Date, and Page Numbers Include your full name, your instructor's name, the course name and CRN, and the date you submit the assignment in the upper left of the first page. Include a header on each page with your last name and page number. Research Question Include your approved research question at the top of the first page, as a title for the document. Source Citations and Annotations Citations Use MLA 8th Edition citation style, unless you received permission to use a different style. Arrange all of your sources in alphabetical order by the author's last name (or the title for sources without a named author). Use a hanging indent for citations (indent the second line, and all subsequent lines, of each citation). Annotations Underneath each citation, indent the entire annotation for that source. Complete annotations must include: A summary of the source, including an overview of its main points, arguments made, research presented, topics covered, etc. An evaluation of the source, including an assessment of its quality, accuracy, objectivity, purpose, thoroughness, etc. A reflection on the source's usefulness for your research, including how helpful it is, how it affects your thinking on the topic, how well it addresses your research question, etc. Each annotation (not including the citation) should be at least 150 words, written in complete sentences, and must use your own words. In general, the overall document will be about 4-6 pages. Include your name, the instructor's name, the course, and the date on your document. Double-space the entire document, and submit it in doc, docx, pdf format, or as a google doc. Canvas will not accept other file types for this assignment.

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