Aligned subject learning outcomes • Demonstrate advanced oral, writing, listeni
Aligned subject learning outcomes • Demonstrate advanced oral, writing, listening and advocacy skills required of a professional working in the guidance and counselling and career development fields • Apply proficient diverse integrated counselling theories and communication styles with both specialist and non-specialist stakeholders • Synthesise and articulate critical self-evaluation of students' beliefs, values, prejudices and biases ASSESSMENT ITEM 1: DESCRIPTION For this task you are to construct a 500-word written reflection of your developing practice as a counsellor. You will reflect on your emerging microskills such as attending, questioning and paraphrasing, to identify strengths and areas for improvement. You will also consider what ethical and diversity considerations are important to your role as a counsellor. Finally, you are to synthesise your strengths and areas for continued improvement for future development, and outline a brief plan or strategy to address these areas after the intensive days. You can use your reflections from ED5863 Assessment Task 3 as a starting point to inform this Assessment Task. You are to include references to literature to support your reflection. The reference list is not included in the word count. Personal Reflection Structure • Begin by discussing your journey as a counsellor or emerging counsellor • Critically reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your developing microskills • Discuss and evaluate your ethical and diversity considerations when working with clients • Synthesise your strengths and areas for improvement • Conclude your reflection by discussing your intended goals for future development Assessment Marking Criteria: -Identify and describe strengths and weaknesses in counselling practice (25%)-Adept reflection on emerging microskill development. -Critically reflect on ethical and diversity considerations in counselling practice (25%) -Adept reflection on counselling practice, including ethical and diversity considerations. -Determine a strategy for improvement and set future goals (25%) -Adeptly identified a critical area of future development, with direct implications for practice. Meticulously connected area of development to concrete and achievable plans for learning. -Construct a clear, well-structured piece of writing with references to literature in APA format (25%) -Persuasively written with very minor and infrequent (1-3) errors in grammar and spelling. Effectively organised ideas, with an engaging introduction and conclusion to structure the document. Expertly used APA style for citations and references with few (1-2) errors.

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