Water supply requires enormous amounts of energy to supply water at the right quality, quantity and pressure. “The proposition is that the water industry does not need to pump and desalinate 24/7 if the appropriate (gravity feed) storage is built into the system. Realtime data linked controls would switch the series of pumps on and off as the available power increases and decreases.

Consideration should be given to fresh water, sewage water and desalination systems”

Write an essay to discuss the following question:

Could the pumping and desalination of water be used as a ‘flywheel’ to contribute to the challenge of fluctuating electricity supply from renewable electrical energy supply from wind turbines and solar PV farms? If so, evaluate the extent of the contribution. If not, explain why not.

The research can be in any one country as water pumping is universal however you may wish to choose a country where desalination is also used in the water supply or a group of countries or even the global potential. For example, in some countries, there is one national water organisation, and in others, there are multiple privatised water companies. The significance of this should be assessed.

The essay is an individual essay of six pages, including figures, tables and references section. The recommended font is Times New Roman 11, single-spaced. Harvard references style must be used. There is no maximum limit for word count, but not less than 2000 words.

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