A&E Television Networks. (Producer). (2005). Countdown to an execution. [Film].
A&E Television Networks. (Producer). (2005). Countdown to an execution. [Film]. New York, N. Y.: New Video You will review the film "Countdown to an Execution" (2005), available under Module-11, and complete a 300 – 600 word APA formatted summary paper (one to two double spaced pages of body plus a cover and reference page) prompted by the following list of questions . This paper is the last of four you are required to complete during this course. Each paper is worth 5 points for a total of 20 points or 20% of your final grade. Darnell Williams is one of two men convicted of murdering John and Henrietta Rease in 1986 and sentenced to death for the crime. However, a new public defender fresh out of college is determined to get him off death row. Address the following questions in your paper: Do you believe that a person's sobriety and or mental condition at the time they committed their alleged crime should be considered a mitigating circumstance? What was your opinion of the public defenders role in representing condemned prisoners before viewing this video, has it changed, why? What role did the political climate in Indiana play in deciding Darnell’s fate? What was the final decision of the Parole Board regarding clemency and why do you believe they came up with that decision? What was your impression of the relationship between the attorney Juliette and Darnell and his family? Was it too personal to be professional or was the attorney displaying the right amount of advocacy?

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