Activity Details: To build your assessment packet you must complete five assessm
Activity Details: To build your assessment packet you must complete five assessments that are listed on page 2 of this activity. Your completed assessments are to be submitted as part of your assessment packet. After you complete an assessment, you are to write a one to two page, typed, double-spaced reflection paper answering the four questions located under "Guidelines for Organizing Reflection Papers" based on the results of your assessment. At the end of the activity you should have five completed assessments and five reflections, one for each assessment, to include in your assessment packet submission. Your packet should be 10 to 15 pages total. One page showing the results for each assessment and then a 1 to 2 page reflection paper on the results. Except for Assessment 5 which will include more pages. Grading Criteria: The grading criteria are as follows: To earn any points, you must complete each of the five assessments and reflections. Not completing all 5, will earn a zero for the entire Exercise. The paper was double spaced, 1 inch margins all around, Times-New Roman 12pt font, use of APA headings (not headers). No cover page required. The paper was free of spelling and grammatical errors. Assessments and reflections were placed in chronological order with reflections clearly numbered. The order of the items in the assessment packet were as follows:The assessment packet was submitted on time. Assessment & Reflection #1 (Ability) Assessment & Reflection #2 (Interests) Assessment & Reflection #3 (Personality) Assessment & Reflection #4 (Values) Assessment & Reflection #5 (Autobiography) All 5 assessments and reflections must be included. NOT including each assessment results in a zero for the entire project. There is no partial credit. Guidelines for Organizing Reflection Papers: When reflecting on assessments 1-4, answer the three questions below for each assessment reflection. 1) do the results of the assessment make sense to me? (i.e., are they face valid?); 2) how has my ability, personality, interests, or values affected my success or caused me difficulty in past jobs; and 3) how has my ability, personality, interests, or values shaped my future career plans. Use the above guide to structure assessments 1-4 of your reflection papers (assessment 5 will have different instructions).YOU MUST CLEARLY integrate your assessment results into your papers. The above provides you with structure and a format for preparing organized reflection papers. As far as APA headings, your would have 3 headings in each of your respective papers. Your headings will correspond to the three questions above. Directions for completing each assessment Follow these instructions to complete the second assessment to be included in your assessment packet: Access the O*NET Interest Profiler short form Read the instructions and complete the profiler. Refer the the Holland Occupational Themes ( handout for explanation of RIASEC Codes Review your results and write a one to two page reflection paper answering the questions. Integrate your results into your paper. Submit a screen shot/picture of the results page with your reflection paper

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