Activity 9:2 Individually, watch BOTH of the following debates. Only Choose on
Activity 9:2 Individually, watch BOTH of the following debates. Only Choose one and write your analysis strictly following the Tips on Analyzing an Argument (5%). View Social Media Debate: You are invited to watch the Opposition Video: Topic 2: What is a Debate? A debate involves two sides holding opposing viewpoints about a topic. Two opposing sides debate a “motion”. One team has an idea. This team has a Proposition Speaker who states the idea as a “motion”. The Opposition Speaker holds an opposing viewpoint which means he or she does not agree with the motion. In simple terms, one team proposes the motion and the other opposes the motion. When the topic is given to you, you may need to debate a position opposite to your viewpoint. This will help you significantly with your persuasion skills. Why debate? It is an excellent way of improving speaking skills and is particularly helpful in providing experience in developing a convincing argument. Those of you who are forced to argue against your natural point of view realize that arguments, like coins, always have at least two sides. The activities you participate in for this unit will help you practice your ability to influence others in a positive and effective way and, consequently, develop your powers of persuasion. Note: a debate is not usually successful by just stating your opinion, you need to have a strong argument with researched facts from good sources and examples.

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