A thesis, outline, and annotated bibliography needs to be made for a paper that
A thesis, outline, and annotated bibliography needs to be made for a paper that will be written at a later time based off the following information... The outline will follow the template uploaded. LEARNING THEORY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW Everyone operates with a theory of what makes the best learning environment and how people grow and develop. The problem is that most education professionals’ theories are neither well- informed nor clearly articulated. This assignment will allow you to create a customized learning theory for a specific student. You will use theoretical perspectives to articulate your theory of the most effective teaching strategies and learning environment for this student. You will support your theory with a Christian perspective. INSTRUCTIONS Review the following scenario: Keven is a sixth-grade student who has attended three schools in the past two years. His mother is in the military and is currently deployed overseas. Keven lives at home with his father and two younger sisters. Keven is a good reader and typically earns Bs and Cs in all subjects except for math. Keven is currently failing his math class, and he failed math when he was in fifth grade. Keven’s math teacher, Ms. Thomas, describes his classroom behavior as unmotivated, careless, and frequently off-task. Ms. Thomas has tried to encourage Keven by offering incentives for improved classroom participation, but Keven declined to participate in the incentive program. Ms. Thomas held a conference with Keven and his father to discuss Keven’s classroom behavior, but Keven’s father seemed tired and distracted. He said that math has always been a challenge for Keven. Outside of school, Keven enjoys karate, skateboarding, and playing computer games. He attends church with his family and seems to enjoy the Sunday School program. Ms. Thomas is concerned about Keven’s ability to pass the state standardized math test that will be administered in approximately three months. For this assignment, you will write a 2,500-word paper (minimum) that presents a customized learning theory for Keven. The paper should include principles of the developmental learning theories (i.e., Piaget, Kohlberg, Vygotsky, Erickson, Bandura, etc.) studied in this course, as they relate to Keven’s unique educational needs. The paper must include an introduction, conclusion, and the following components: 1) Description of an effective teacher for Keven, including a. Character development b. Engaging with students who have diverse learning needs c. Building self-efficacy d. Developing relationships 2) Description of an effective learning environment for Keven, including a. Direct instruction b. Technology EDUC 504 2 c. Motivation d. Behavior management 3) Biblical basis for your learning theory, including a. Specific scriptures referenced by chapter and verse The paper must include citations from at least 4 scholarly sources, in addition to both course textbooks (Slavin and Gutek). All sources must be published within the past 5 years. Your Final Paper must follow current APA format. Please submit this assignment in Canvas and in LiveText.

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