A successful discussion board post and response is well- thought out and substan
A successful discussion board post and response is well- thought out and substantive in terms of addressing what is being asked. In addition, it links to course reading and concepts. In some instances, where appropriate, it incorporates additional research beyond the text. The purpose of the discussion board is to encourage critical thinking. Discussion boards are intended to assist you in focusing your own thoughts and ideas on issues and improves your own analysis. In discussions you might find that members have different views in terms of recommendations and conclusions; this is okay. Remember there are no right or wrong answers; however, there are good and bad analyses. When developing your post it is important to recommend what action should be taken (where applicable) and more importantly the reason for the recommendation. Why a recommendation was made is most important in the analysis. Be sure you justify and support your recommendations with logic, facts and chapter material, and external sources. Sources that are used must be cited. Instructions: For the discussion for Module 7 consider/read the following: Some marketing observers maintain that good marketing is something that is more than anything an art and does not lend itself to rigorous analysis and deliberation. Others strongly disagree and contend that marketing management is a highly disciplined enterprise that shares much in common with other business disciplines. Then Take a position (this means to choose a side and defend/support it): (1) Marketing management is largely an artistic exercise and therefore highly subjective versus (2) marketing management is largely a scientific exercise with well-established guidelines and criteria.

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