a specific film
Select one film of feature length made during the time period of 1970 – 2000. You are not to use a film already used by you, the instructor or the course content. In your term paper, you should present information about the making of the movie, about its success at the box office, about awards it was nominated for and/or received. Also present a sampling of the critical reaction to the film, from both the time of its release and later. Finally, you should watch the film and react to it. Do not summarize the plot. Assume that I've already seen the film. In addition, write about how this director used the following in these films: Editing (montage), Sound and Music, Cinematography, Special Camera Work (steady cam, hand held, optical effects), Special Effects (this can include stunt work). Your proposal must include the following for maximum points. 1. Provide a title for your proposed project 2. Clearly state which option you are choosing and the subject within that option 3. How you propose to research your topic (no specific resources required at this stage) 4. A 600 word summary of all of your ideas and justification for choosing this topic. This is a research and personal reflection paper, if you choose a Director or movie or element of film that means something to you, it can make for a more interesting and informed paper. this is a proposal for the topic.

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