A pharmaceutical company recently terminated one of it’s lead chemists for priva
A pharmaceutical company recently terminated one of it's lead chemists for private reasons. A few days later, a network security engineer discovered an unknown user accessed one of the company's research accounts and copied a confidential file to a USB device. The file contained trade secrets regarding a revolutionary new drug to help in the fight against Alzheimer's. You are sent to the former employees' residence after the lead investigator obtained a search warrant for his residence (it is not important how the detective gained the necessary probable cause for the warrant). When you arrive on scene you learn that the suspect lives with his wife and son, who is 21 years of age. You also learn that there are 3 computers in the residence, including one located in the suspect's private office. After reading Chapter 1 and watching the videos, discuss the following: How you would conduct your investigation, including any devices you might seize from the home. If you do seize property, how would you do it and why? Try to be specific. Think of any information you might need to take with you back to lab, where you will have the opportunity to conduct a thorough examination.

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