A pair of tickets by Amy Tan
That's what the essay is about In a Story short. "A pair of tickets" By Amy Tan, The theme is how the family and there relationship flashbacks, settling, point of view, and person versus with self Short Story Literary Analysis Essay Requirements: This Essay will be a Five Paragraph Essay, 700 word minimum: introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion. Choose ONE short story we have studied this session. You will take three direct quotations from this story for inclusion within your essay. You will use ONE quote per body paragraph. Document the three quotations using correct MLA format for in-text citations. There will be a correctly formatted Works Cited section for the short story. You will correctly cite the short story. You will not use outside research for this assignment. The analysis must be your own. Focus your analysis on the THEME of the work, and show how the author develops his/her THEME through the use of three literary elements we have studied. Use the Literary Terms list (under Module 1). You will choose three literary terms from this list. Example essays have been provided. (Writing About Literature module) II: Follow these guidelines when organizing and drafting your Short Story Literary Analysis Essay: Create an original title for your essay which reflects the central idea of your work. Within the introductory paragraph, introduce the plot but avoid an extended plot summary. The thesis (the last sentence in the introduction) must focus on the THEME or message about life the author is attempting to convey and be developed by three literary elements such as characterization, point of view, setting, symbolism, irony, conflict, etc.- See posted example in Short Story Thesis assignment. Include a preview of the three literary elements within your thesis, making sure to use parallel structure. Again, refer to the list of Literary Terms provided as you develop the thesis for your essay. Each literary element will serve as the central idea for each of the three body paragraphs. Introduce your body paragraphs using restricted topic sentences. Use transition words effectively Use three quotations from the short story to illustrate the main focus within each of the body paragraphs (minimum of one direct quotation per body paragraph). Use examples from the story as well as your own commentary and interpretation to support the point of each paragraph. Document quotes from the primary source/short story with correctly formatted parenthetical citations using MLA format. Also include a Works Cited section for the primary source/short story from your Norton Anthology. In other words, cite the short story (as you have been doing in the discussion posts (example in the MLA module). Finish the essay with a strong concluding paragraph. Use only third person objective point-of-view. Do not use first person "I" or me , second person "you" or subjective third person "we", our or "us". Submit the first fully completed draft of your essay in to the Short Story Final Essay Drop Box to check the Turnitin percentage. You should not have more than a 15% match. You can resubmit a final copy. The 'most recent' upload of your essay will be graded. Submit your final copy as .doc or .rtf file to the Short Story Literary Analysis Drop Box by the deadline for this assignment. Follow the heading requirements (including font, size, spacing, and page numbers). Size 12, font Times new Roman

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