A. Nutrition Article Review: You will be required to select a nutrition artic
A. Nutrition Article Review: You will be required to select a nutrition article to review. Please be sure it is on a nutrition topic. Nutrition information is everywhere in popular culture. As students of nutrition, we want to be critical consumers of information. So, when reading a nutrition article, we want to consider the source of the article and the quality of the information presented. Articles may come from journals, magazines (such as Health, Fitness, Woman’s Day), newspapers and on-line (WebMD, etc.). Occasionally an advertisement will appear to be an article at first glance. This is not an acceptable article for this assignment. Please ask me if you are in doubt about your choice of a nutrition article. Attach (scan, email, etc.) a copy of the article (not an advertisement) or include the web site where I can access the article. Be sure to include the title, source, author, and publication date. Choose articles published within the last five years. Prepare a 1-2-page typed summary and analysis of your nutrition article. The questions below have been designed to help shape your summary paper. You can post your article review under the discussion board on Blackboard. See class schedule for list of article review due dates. · Succinctly summarize the article, including the findings and anything relevant for readers who have not read the article to understand. · Answer the questions listed below. Those answers should follow the summary paragraphs. Post your answers under the discussion board. 1. What are the credentials of the author(s)? What do the abbreviations after the name(s) mean? Does this enhance his/her credibility? Why or why not? Briefly explain. 2. Is the author affiliated with an organization or institution? Does the affiliation with the organization or institution enhance his/her credibility? Briefly explain. 3. Is scientific research being presented or discussed? If so, what specific kinds of research or data are presented or cited to support the idea? 4. Is the article designed to improve public health? Explain please 5. What are the article’s conclusions/recommendations? Please be specific. 6. Identify those points in the article which you believe and those which you do not believe. Discuss why or why not for each.

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