a minimum of 150 words each one (you may write more). PLEASE address the person
a minimum of 150 words each one (you may write more). PLEASE address the person by name at the beginning of the post. Again, you may use a quote from your peer's post (put in quotation marks) and the reading source (put in quotation marks and cite the author). First off, what is Celebrity Worship? To me it means to have a feeling of attachment or deep connection to a personally chosen celebrity that the person is Interested in. In “Celebrity Worship: Good for your health?” by Alice Park, this story empasizes on the effects an emotionally attached individual has on a public figure. Personally I didn’t even know this was a true thing, I’ve heard of people being obsessed with actors or singers like back in the 2000’s when people had a fanatic over Justin beber for instance. Do I agree with Celebrity worship? Yes & no, It’s really based on personal preference but it can most definitely have some unsettling side effects like stalking, controlling mindset and depression. I agree with celebrity worship because If you feel disconnected amongst other people like family for instance, It could be a coping mechanism to help fill the empty void. Or for celebrities struggling with addiction it could be a form of relation to that person that's reading upon them knowing that theyre not alone. That’s if you understand that you won't be in direct contact with the celebrity. To add, I disagree with celebrity worship because it’s overall a very unhealthy mindset, for example younger girls that are struggling with self esteem and don’t necessarily like their self image could possibly be at risk for depression or self harm due to seeing skinny or photoshopped images of celebrities. In conclusion, Celebrity worship is a personal choice amongst everyone. There’s services available to those who need help with this kind of attachment or “addiction” as you may say. I personally don’t see a connection or benefican to this type of worshipping and it does have true side effects like many things but it really comes down to personal preference. How do you feel about Celebrity worship? References http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1841093,00.html

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