A major topic of this class thus far has been on the ways values, biases, and pe
A major topic of this class thus far has been on the ways values, biases, and perceptions influence us and also on the importance of using science-based research methods to study psychology. A significant way we, as scholars, can seek out valid information is by utilizing quality, academic sources in research. The goal of this assignment is to help you begin the exercise of finding, evaluating, and using sources in your research. For this assignment, you are to choose three scholarly, peer reviewed, full-text journal articles in the field of psychology on the topic of your choice to read and summarize in the form of three abstracts. Locate full-text journal articles online. Your chosen articles need to be peer-reviewed, which means experts in the field have reviewed it to ensure its credibility before its publication. In other words, Psychology Today, Wikipedia, and Dictionary.com are examples that are NOT appropriate sources, but the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy is. You can choose to have results from ProQuest and Academic Search Premier limited to only those that have been peer-reviewed and those that are full-text by selecting these options when searching topics. Reading only an abstract is not sufficient for this assignment; articles must be full-text. The three abstracts you will write are essentially brief summaries of the articles. Your abstract for each article should be between 150-250 words long and should contain a sentence or two summarizing the following sections of the article to provide the reader with a brief overview: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. Your abstract should be on a separate page and no direct quotes are permitted. A cover page and reference page must be included and your paper should meet the expectations outlined in the grading rubric including using APA format and properly citing any referenced information.

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