Archaeology isn’t just about the people whose artifacts we recover and sites we document, but also about the individuals who explore them. The history of archaeology is full of colorful and unique characters, and each has made a contribution towards the improvement of archaeological techniques or understanding of a past culture through its sites and artifacts. This sketch should include basic biographical information, but ideally will focus more upon the individual’s training that made them a successful archaeologist, noteworthy sites they investigated, and the contribution(s) they made to the development of archaeology or to the understanding of a specific culture. Include a works cited page and a photo of the archaeologist you chose. An example of this type of biography can be found in the ANT 240 Resources folder under 'Lessons'. This sample biography is about Robert Koldewey, who explored much of the ancient city of Babylon. This is also a chance for you to explore a topic or setting that interests you by learning about one of its practitioners. To submit your biography of a famous archaeologist, save your completed document as either a .docx or .pdf file and attach it to the announcement of this assignment. This assignment will not be accepted after Sunday, June 19, at 11:59 PM. This assignment is worth potentially as much as 100 points (10%) towards your final course grade of 1000 possible points MLA format , picture of the archeologist you chose, at least 3 in text citations and a work cited page, 3 - 4 pages ",Archaeology isn’t just about the people whose artifacts we recover and sites we ,History draft,post,From the syllabus: “Each student is expected to write a research paper of ca. 3.500 words (+/- 10%). The

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