9-12 pages total (Single-spaced, see business format instructions below). Page b
9-12 pages total (Single-spaced, see business format instructions below). Page break down as follows: Cover page page (one page) - An image is recommended, include title of report, your name, professor's name, name of college, course name and date. Table of Contents (one page) - this indicates which page each section of your report is on. Here's a short video on how to create a Table of Contents in Google Docs. (Links to an external site.) If you are using Word or another program, you can simply do a Google search on "how to create a table of contents in Word" and you should find many relevant videos and articles. Executive Summary (one page) - This should be written last. It serves as a summary of your entire report and should include major highlights and recommendations. Typically 2/3 to a full page. Click here for more info on what should go into an executive summary (Links to an external site.) Body ("meat of your report" 6-8 pages), should include visuals such as charts, graphs, images, lists, etc., but visuals should not be used as fillers to replace text) This section includes introduction, background, purpose, research, recommendations or solution, evaluation of main topic (will vary depending on topic), cost (if applicable), conclusion. You should include headings and subheadings that describe the content in that section. Use bullet points and/or lists were appropriate. Reference List (1-2 pages, must have a minimum of three sources in APA format, in-text citation should also be used.) Click here for help with APA citations and reference list. This also includes a automatic citation generator. (Links to an external site.) Optional: "Back Matter" also known as the Appendices (number of pages will vary) See link below to learn what's included in back matter. Format: Business format should be used, which basically means single-spaced, no paragraph indents, line space between paragraphs and simple, easy-to-read font (usually your default font). You can click here (Links to an external site.) to read more about business format. Writing Style/Tone: Use professional writing which is direct and concise. Click here for more info on professional writing style versus academic writing style. (Links to an external site.) How will I be graded? You will be graded based on completion, demonstration of knowledge of report organization and writing, quality of content based on your research, presentation (format and tone), spelling, grammar and punctuation. SIDENOTE: I have my sources listed on the last page but the format is incorrect as well as the way I referenced my sources through the report. It should be APA formatt 7th edition.

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