8 not including the references pages The paper should be 8 pages in length (excl
8 not including the references pages The paper should be 8 pages in length (excluding the mandatory cover & reference page), double-spaced, using no larger than a 12-point New Times Roman style font, APA format and no larger than one inch margins. * Criteria for Research Term Paper Significance of topic and hypothesis (anticipated finding) Synopsis of each of the 3 research articles Analysis of research findings & it's significance to hypothesis Conclusion/Suggestions for Future research Research topic relates to Psy of Love/Relationships Overall Critical thinking and logical reasoning ability Overall Clarity of paper's structure/organization and transitions Good mechanics (grammar, punctuation, and style of writing) APA format (cover/reference, in text & reference page, & headers) your task will be to do thorough research on the subject matter, select 3 peer reviewed scholastic articles which had done research on your sub topic of Love of choice, and throughout the research term paper please present your goal & hypothesis of the research topic, a synopsis of what research is demonstrating, analysis the results/it’s underlying meaning, what research has shown, limitations (if any), and recommendations for future research. Please note that all of the aforementioned in this Research paper must be presented from an objective perspective and APA formatting – let the research speak for itself. Utilize your chosen research articles to explain how the article supports your personal interest on the subtopic of Love.

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