600 A8: Signature Assignment: Final Capstone Project Manuscript Assignment Promp
600 A8: Signature Assignment: Final Capstone Project Manuscript Assignment Prompt The capstone project is completed and developed as a scholarly paper. Students will build on previously completed work in the required sections. Include a clear, problem statement. Establish synthesis of literature and evidence-based practice in all content sections. Apply concepts of cultural competency and cultural literacy within the background section and Purpose or Aims of the Study section. Integrate thorough discussion of effective collaboration of the advanced nursing role through leadership, collaboration and improving outcomes in the proposed interventions section. Apply ethical reasoning and integrate advocacy and decision making within the methods/design/sampling section. Throughout the paper, develop critical, relevant, and consistent connections between evidence and the thesis. The capstone project must includes the following sections: Title page Abstract Background & Significance Literature Review Supporting Evidence Purpose or Aims of the Study Theoretical Model or Framework Methods/Design/Sampling Proposed Interventions Expected Results/Outcomes Anticipated Conclusion Possible Limitations Potential Implications to Practice References Poster Appendices Expectations Pages: 10 pages not including front title page and resources Format: APA 7th ed. Research: Minimum of 10 scholarly references from within the last five years

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