6 pages Assignment 1: Case Problem “Moderna (A)” Possible Points: 10 Read: Case
6 pages Assignment 1: Case Problem "Moderna (A)" Possible Points: 10 Read: Case Problem "Moderna (A)", by M. Iansiti, K. Lakhani, H. Mayer, K. Herman, July 13, 2021, 9-621-032 Prepare a Managerial Report* structured as follows:  Task 1-1: Structure and present your paper in the form of a Managerial Report, with a cover page, table of content, executive summary, main body, appendices.  Expected length of Assignment 1: up to 6 pages APA format, excluding cover page, table of contents, and appendices  Task 1-2: What enabled Moderna to move so fast with their COVID-19 vaccine? Task 1-3: Describe Moderna's business model. How does it contrast with that of traditional pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms? Task 1-4: Should Moderna create a separate, stand-alone COVID-19 organization? Task 1-5: What are the most important priorities for Moderna going forward? (*) Instructions: How to Write a Managerial Report. Submit the completed document using the Attachments tool on this page. Please be sure to include your own name in the filename (last name, then first initial—for example: doej_assignX.doc) and in the text of the document, so your instructor/facilitator always knows whose submission he/she is reading.

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