CHOOSE  color Violet

present a 10 minute PRESENTATION (powerpoint, lecture, demo, performance, etc) on that color, and MAKE a one-page synopsis of the research collected on your color.  The one-page synopsis will be combined into a pdf with all of your peer's work and distributed to the class.  


Things to consider during your research:

-Images of objects or examples of artwork that relate to the color you are talking about-The history of the color - how has it effected culture? Art historically?-Any cultural bias towards or against the color - what does it mean to different people? cultures?-Difference when the color is light or dark and/or more/less chromatic (i.e. light valued red is pink)-Ways it can be produced - is it produced chemically, organically, both?  -origins of the color in art? - different pigments?-Other names for the color - look at catalogues, paint swatches, Pantone, etc.-Common uses of the color in the contemporary world - Fashion? Design? Art? Was the color ever more or less significant?-Has the color been branded by a company, ideological movement? (ie: hot pink by ACT UP! while medium pink by Breast Cancer Awareness)-What other colors is it often grouped with?  What is it's complement? Any common uses? (ie: Holidays, Sports, Logos, etc)-What does your color taste like? - Sour? Bitter? Sweet?- Do you like the color? - What is your own bias?

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