200 words per question- 1. How does advertising work? You might think that adver
200 words per question- 1. How does advertising work? You might think that advertising does not work on you but if you think about it, you can probably come up with at least one product you tried because of advertising, or one store you checked out. If advertising did not work, there would not be advertisements everywhere and companies would not invest so heavily in advertising. Advertisers use a number of techniques to persuade such as celebrity endorsements or claims of limited supply. There is a current product being advertised on TV where you are told to call in the morning or the evening based on the first letter of your last name in an effort to establish the exclusivity of the product. Write about one current advertisement and indicate at least three techniques being used in the ad to promote the product 2. You can test out social facilitation by comparing an individual’s performance when alone versus when in a group. Begin by choosing a task that is equally difficult for the subjects. This could be something like tossing a ball into a basket on the floor, or tying and untying a pair of shoes or winding an unwound fishing rod or inserting pegs into a peg board. Time each individual working alone to complete the task or for how long to do a certain number of repetitions. Then compare this with the time taken when the individuals compete against each other. Ideally do this for a few pairs and see whether there is a social facilitation effect. 3. Devise a situation to investigate helping behaviour. For example you could drop a stack of papers in a hallway or stairwell, or arrive at a door with your arms full. You will need to do this at least 10 times and you will need to introduce some variety into the situation, being well dressed or poorly dressed, having a partner of the opposite sex also perform the activity, having a younger or older confederate etc. Summarize your findings.

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