2 separate book reviews on 2 books (7 pages each): it is the same guidelines. Th
2 separate book reviews on 2 books (7 pages each): it is the same guidelines. The names of the two books to be reviewed are. 1.mmarriage Counseling A Christian Approach to Counseling Couples by Everett Worthington 1993. Intervasiry Press ISNB#083081769 THE NAME OF THE OTHER BOOK IS: BOUNDARIES IN MARRIAGE. BY CLOUD TOWNSEND ISBN#031022151 the guidelines for each book review: Instructions Cover page should be on the upper right hand. Name of School: Name of Instructor: Course number: Date. In the middle of the Cover page Write in the middle of the page Book Review Of the name of the book By Author of the Book Pages are to be numbered. Questions to to guide in writing the book review.1 Did the Author clearly communicates his/ her premise for writing the book? Where? And How? Did the Author proves his / her premise where and how? Was there evidence of proof that helped you to believe that the Author was thorough in research? If not,what areas do you see that needed to be covered? Use e.g Was the Author able to expose you to new truths or cause you to rethink some conclusions that you had previously drawn If not why?If yes how? Conclusions: Would you recommend this book to others and why?Would you not recommend this book to others and and why?Was the book an Aid to your understanding to your class content. Bibliography is the same book. Work cited the same book. It would be on a separate page. Thanks. Remember to number the pages.

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