Prompting Questions When we consume news and a reporter cites the findings of a study, how can we begin to assess whether the study and its findings are valid? How can we determine which organizations produce credible research? Initial Post Directions Access a major news outlet (e.g., Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Sun-Times, etc.) and look for an article using the search term “statistical research.” Browse the search results and find an article that discusses a research study conducted on any topic of policy relevance. The article must have been published within the last 3 months. On the Discussion Board post a brief summary of the research study that the article references. Include details such as the individual or organization that conducted the study, the research question, the time frame for conducting the study, the target population, and the conclusions of the research study. Include the citation for the original article (with its link). (Note: this is not meant to be a summary of the article itself but rather of the study the article describes).

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