Sample Speech Two

Title: How Much Protection Do Kids Need?


Attention-Getting Opening: You’ve told your 4 year-old son ten times not to go too close to his grandfather’s catfish pond. Each time, he steps back for a couple of minutes before walking back to the muddy edge.

Context for Speech: It’s Christmas day in Alabama and a windy 30 degrees. Yet your son, who cannot swim, seems intent upon ending up in the frigid water in spite of your rational explanations that he would not enjoy this experience. What do you do? Do you make him leave the area to prevent a mishap? Do you keep explaining that it’s dangerous to get too close to the edge? Do you let him fall in, believing that the cold water won’t kill him and that this is the best way to learn a lesson? If you asked a thousand people those questions, you’re likely to get a thousand different answers based on their different ideas on how much protection kids need.

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