1. Research Paper: 100 points Students will identify a salient practice issue/pr
1. Research Paper: 100 points Students will identify a salient practice issue/problem for school social workers. Examples may include attendance, high school drop-out, lack of parental involvement, etc. The practice issue is a problem that requires high levels of intervention from school social workers. Discuss the prevalence and impact of this issue in schools locally and nationally. Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the SSW in treating the problem. Select three existing promising and/or effective interventions, and describe the current status of the empirical support existing for the intervention. Include information about the practice implications that may exist when these interventions are used in schools such as key people for collaboration, resources needed for implementation and effectiveness with diverse populations. The paper should be 8 pages in length (excluding cover and reference page) and a minimum of 15 outside references should be cited. It is expected that it will include 15 scholarly sources, be at least 8 pages in length, demonstrate an understanding of the subject material, and be written to effectively express the ideas presented. The paper must use APA guidelines for referenced material. A maximum of 100 points can be earned for a well-prepared paper. EVALUATION ELEMENTS POINTS SCORE Paper describes prevalence and impact of practice issue/problem. Discussion includes common occurrences and ways issues impacts population (student, school, family, community, etc.) 20 Paper defines the role and responsibility of School Social Workers in treating the issue/problem. 20 Paper identifies and describes 3 promising/effective interventions with empirical support. 15 Paper discusses the practice implications when used in schools including structure, key personnel, and effectiveness of interventions with diverse populations. 20 The paper is well-written and demonstrates basic mastery of sentence structure, with no grammatical, spelling, or typing errors. 15 The paper and 15 references (year 2006 and above + exceptional earlier documents) adhere to APA guidelines. 10 Total 100

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